Construction Management

Construction Management


Using a third party project management team like Eagle's adds tremendous value to your project and saves your team time and resources so that they can focus on their everyday responsibilities. We act as an extension of your internal resources. Here are just a few ways our team can help streamline your real estate project.

Add expertise – we apply knowledge, understanding of the industry, and experience from past projects in order to implement cost-saving strategies into your project. With recent and relevant experience, we are able to provide you with out of the box ideas and industry best practices, all helping you to save time and money through the life of your project.

Vendor Procurement- With years of experience in the industry, your real estate project management team will provide wide variety of vendors from architects, engineers, furniture vendors, technology services, and more. Even better, we will know the best vendors for your job and even the best people and teams within these firms. If your company has a preferred vendor, odds are that your real estate project manager will have worked with them in the past.

Singular point of contact for all vendors- Having one point of contact for all vendors is invaluable in a real estate project. With a singular point of contact, no information is lost in translation. This makes communication with vendors easier for everyone involved and frees up your internal team to continue with their everyday duties and responsibilities.

Managing all invoices- we will be able to review all invoices for accuracy, compare them against contracts, submit for approvals and compile all invoices together in a detailed, organized package. This is a huge time saver for your internal team.

Act as your advocate - we act as an extension of your internal resources. We are your company’s champion and advocate throughout the life of the project. We make sure that your best interests are upheld at all times.

At a time when supply chains have been impacted, budgets through off balance and projects at times having to resume the construction process our analysis and hands on management can be highly beneficial to owners and lenders.